Abused Hot Girls – One of the cutest gals we have seen.

Abused Hot Girls

Zach takes Sarah out for their one year anniversary. Sarah complains about the restaurant that he takes her too claiming it wasn t high class enough. Then, Zach gives Sarah a beautiful ring. Sarah is upset that there are no diamonds in it…what will all of her country club friends think? Zach has had enough of this bratty and spoiled behavior from the woman he loves. He teaches her a lesson the old fashioned way, over his knee. Sarah is not to happy to hear that her roommate Whitney is trying to steal a spanking shoot with Clare Fonda behind her back. She spanks her roommate to show her just what kind of a shoot she was getting herself into. Whitney is not a happy camper afer the spanking Sarah dishes out. Sarah and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the bosses office the next day and fired for their outlandish behavior. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom. Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard right to the bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears! Whitney has warned Sarah time and time again not to call her at work. Sarah once again calls up Whitney at work to ask something unimportant as usual. So when Whitney gets home she tells Sarah she was fired and gives Sarah a hard spanking over her little dress, panties, and on the bare to teach her to lesson. Sarah and Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking so Julianne being new to spanking, asks her girlfriend, Sarah to give her her first spanking. Let s just say that after a long naked bare bottom hand spanking over Sarah s lap, leather paddling, and sensual flogging, Julianne now has a new appreciation for spanking. Sarah, Carissa, and Kat are seniors and have decided to skip school on senior skip day. Well, apparently their teacher had a very special punishment in store for all the seniors that skipped. Not only were these girls skipping school, but the were drinking on top of that. After bare bottom spankings and a hard paddling, there will be three very sorry school girls. This video depicts a real discipline therapy session when you request the services of Dana Specht. Sarah Gregory plays the role of a first-time client coming to see Ms Specht for help with her life. She admits she is unorganized, lacks motivation to exercise regularly, doesn t eat properly, or drink enough water. Her last resort is discipline therapy. Ms Dana explains her rules to Sarah and prepares her for her discipline spanking. Sarah is given a bare bottom hand spanking, followed by a severe strapping, then a paddling and caning. Ms Dana extracts promises from Sarah throughout the session as she emphasizes her rules with every smack, whack, and lash. (These are all actually real life issues that Sarah deals with).

 Abused Hot Girls    One of the cutest gals we have seen.

abused hot girls

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They start by making out. Our girl spreads her thighs to allow his fingers to get her hot and wet. She willingly lies over his lap to indulge his desire to spank her and he begins the reddening process while fingering her. She is still enjoying all he does to her as she playfully, laughingly cries out. We know she wants to fuck, but the strap is part of the deal. He seems to really like this young cutie as he doesnt whack as hard as he sometimes does. The strap makes her call out as she takes it on her really hot, naked body with pierced nipples. The sight of the two canes frightens her, and even as he begins with gentle slaps she seems okay. Her butt is in the air and he whacks her pussy as well. We love this gal and want to see much more of her!

trailerfhg Abused Hot Girls    One of the cutest gals we have seen.

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e420f6c6d276 Abused Hot Girls    One of the cutest gals we have seen.


abused hot girls

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