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Sexy Redhead Abused – Sexy Roommates

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Sexy Redhead Abused

Amelia thinks that she might be interested in…..spanking. She seeks the help and advise on this topic from disciplinarian, Pandora Blake. Pandora eases Amelia into spanking with a good hand warm up moving to leather, then to the cane. Sarah s roommate Jenni borrows Sarah s car again, but Sarah warns her not to park in a no parking zone. Jenni is very late coming back and Sarah is very worried. When Jenni shows up, Sarah is a nervous reck. After she finds out Jenni is safe and nothing happened to her, but her car was towed and there are large fees to gt it back. Jenni will not only pay her the money back, but she will pay her back by taking a hard bare bottom spanking. Leia is just about to get into the shower when she gets an important call that she must go into work right away. When Uncle Paul gets home, he is not too happy to find a flooded house. He waits for his niece so he can properly punish her for her irresponsible behavior. At an away game, coach catches the girls on his tennis team in the hotel drinking. He threatens to call their parents and told them they have to forfeit the game. The girls grudgingly agree to be spanked so he won t tell their parents. All 5 girls are spanked on their bare bottoms otk and bent over. Shay, Chrisy, and Casey are all given the paddle as well. Sarah is all upset that her mom made her break up with her boyfriend because he is bad news. When mom comes in to comfort sad Sarah, she is confronted by a bad attitude and being called a BITCH. Sarah learns that hard way that she is allowed to be upset, but she is not allowed to call her mother names and yell at her. Sarah has been very rude to her step-mom, Mrs Brown. Her mother makes her call Mrs. Brown and say she is sorry. She must make this call while being spanked my mom. How embarrassing. Miss Gregory is the executor of Pandora and Amelia s trust left to them by their grandfather. When these two stuck up and sassy girls come to pick up their first checks, they were not expecting there to be a clause that said they had to be spanked each and every time they came to collect a check. Grandpa had watched these two girls grow into stuck up, self-centered, materialistic upper east side girls and he wanted their attitudes to stop. Sarah and Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking so Julianne being new to spanking, asks her girlfriend, Sarah to give her her first spanking. Let s just say that after a long naked bare bottom hand spanking over Sarah s lap, leather paddling, and sensual flogging, Julianne now has a new appreciation for spanking. Sarah is Pebbles and Kyle is Bam Bam. Bam Bam is not too happy to be accused of cheating on Pebbles. Pebbles even refuses to go to the Rock-n-roll Rumble with him. Bam Bam spanks his naughty girlfriend for her bratty attitude. This is a fun spanking video you don t want to miss.

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sexy redhead abused

Here is your chance to see how this guy gets to the bottom of a girls troubles, plenty of atmosphere too!!

01 Sexy Redhead Abused   Sexy Roommates

02 Sexy Redhead Abused   Sexy Roommates

03 Sexy Redhead Abused   Sexy Roommates

04 Sexy Redhead Abused   Sexy Roommates

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cb7eb46c00db Sexy Redhead Abused   Sexy Roommates

sexy redhead abused

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